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When it Comes to Online Dating Sites. . . I’d Rather Stay Single!

Often days I feel like Fievel, of American Tail singing Somewhere Out There when it comes to prospects of a mutally exclusive monogamous relationship.  It’s a story that has been told time and time again, especially as it relates to single women. The number of single women vastly outweigh the number of single men.  Living in the Washington, D.C. doesn’t help any either (See this recently posted, sad, color-coded visual representation of just how oversaturated DC is with single women, compared to single men)…but I digress.

Convinced that my pescetarian and single life had left me too meat deprived (pun intended), my girlfriends and their friends all but begged me to give online dating a try. . .again.  I’d previously managed to complete an Online Dating Profile by uploading some pictures and answering some questions on a handful of the popular free dating sites.  But, between the sexually explicit messages, numerous inquiries about the weather…as if I’d indicated that I was a meteorologist (ugghhh), much too early use of pet names (beautiful, pretty, gorgeous, sweetie…I’ll stop while I’m ahead), and far too frequent invitations to come over for dinner or to “watch a movie” prior to even meeting in person, (sigh) I don’ t think I lasted more than a week on any site.

 My Online Dating Experience

So I have no logical explanation as to why I decided to take another crack at it; but this time I narrowed it down to one free online dating site and one paid dating site for which I found a coupon and paid about $50 for a six-month membership. On the free dating site I was selected as one of the most attractive women on the site!

At least they got something right!

At least they got something right (chuckles).   I messaged with some allegedly highly eligible and accomplished  men on the paid site.  Sigh!  I was still quite unimpressed.

Overall online dating was not too different from what sadly has become the norm with dating in person.   I meet men that either expect me to be excited about their ability to put a subject and verb together, have a harem of women already at their beck and call and want me to audition for a staff spot on the rotation, are more interested in a sexual encounter rather than a relationship, or simply pretend to be something they are not.

Maybe what I want is obsolete.  Maybe I’m too difficult (Dr. Jason Johnson doesn’t seem to think so).  There is something in me though that honestly hopes there is “Someone Out There” that wants what I want.   I’m not interested in competing for or trying to convince a man that I am amazing. . . anymore.  Rather, I want someone that can see for himself how amazing I am, and that is equally amazing.  Online dating is extremely popular, it simply is not for me.  I am a single woman in every since of the word.  And, the single man that earns my affections will simply have to find me somewhere being fabulous.


Enjoying My Life...Single

Enjoying My Life…Single


One thought on “When it Comes to Online Dating Sites. . . I’d Rather Stay Single!

  1. beautyrepresentative says:

    Don’t give up on online dating! I met my husband on Match.com, after sifting through a lot of undesirables. We are a match made in heaven! We were both married before, so we knew exactly what we did and didn’t want in a mate. People are always so shocked that we met ONLINE, like it’s a disease. I will admit, it takes patience and fortitude, but it was with it for us! 💞 Blessings!


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