We tried it

The Restaurant @ The Cheshire Inn


Perseveration is typically a bad thing as the act of repeating something incessantly and not knowing when or how to let go shows signs of psychological instability. When it comes to The Restaurant @ The Cheshire Inn, I’ve found preservation to be quit contrary to the definition referenced above.  Recurring visits did not yield any psychological uneasiness, rather the complete antithesis…intense feelings of satisfaction paired with imminent plans of returning.

 The Cheshire Inn…Restored to Perfection

“A St. Louis tradition with roots dating back to the 1920s, The Cheshire embodies the charm and authenticity of a traditional British inn with all the modern conveniences of today.  What started as a modest hamburger joint 80 years ago, evolved through the decades into a landmark restaurant and hotel known as the Cheshire Inn and Lodge. In 2011, this local treasure underwent a multi-million dollar renovation preserving its charm and character while transforming The Cheshire into a modern, luxury boutique hotel.”

As The Cheshire Inn has undergone a radical transformation, so have the restaurants on property. There are three restaurants at The Cheshire Inn:  Basso, Fox & Hounds and The Restaurant. Although, I’ve visited them all and thoroughly enjoyed their unique characteristics and culinary offerings, The Restaurant was my favored standout. The furnishings, ambiance, and menu are the perfect amalgamation of both traditional old world British design and contemporary American flare.

  Got The Restaurant on my mind 

Before relocating, The Restaurant, was my premier location for Sunday brunch and Sunday Supper. With selections such as: Kentucky cheddar grits, beignets with cardamom cream, shrimp & squash bread pudding, Ozark forest mushroom and spinach omelet, prime rib hash, Maine sea scallops atop sweet corn and bacon risotto, and grilled prime rib Yorkshire pudding, it’s not at all problematic to understand why I thoroughly relished in my perseveration.


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