Monthly Relish

January Relish

jan-relishCold blistering temperatures, howling winds, ice, snowstorms, slick roads, school and flight cancellations etc.… are very common during month of January. Such extreme temperatures definitely impact our daily duties. Things that were once simple now require time and planning. For example, leaving to go anywhere is now a twenty minute ordeal as you have warm up the car, put on layers of clothes before leaving, and drive slowly.

Yes, winter blues has the ability to set in and damper one’s spirit but as the saying goes, the cup is half empty or half full…perception being the determining factor. I choose to see the glass half full and face January with a recrudescent attitude and relish in activities that warm me spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

National Hobby Month:

As the New Year emerges, take some time for some self-exploration and discover you. What do you like? What is something that you’ve always wanted to do but put it off? Don’t be discouraged if your new undertaking appears in an inchoate state. Often times the exordial stages of any project is challenging but the joy of mastering the task makes it all worth it.

National Soup Month:

When soup comes to mind one typically thinks of cold rainy days spent indoors in front of the television or fireplace (if one is so lucky). As such, January is the perfect time of year to warm up those days with a variety of homemade soups. Check out Soup of the Day by Williams-Sonoma. From January to December, you will discover seasonal soups that will satisfy cravings any time of the year.

National Thank You Month:

So often instead of giving thanks or exhibiting gratitude, we complain about the smallest things. Complaining does nothing but perpetuate the negativity we are grumbling about. Giving thanks on the other hand evokes feelings of gratitude. The next time you feel the urge to complain, I challenge you to think of something that you’re grateful for, text or call a person and thank them for a kind deed they did for you or simply for being in your life.

Life is complex. This January take time to relish every moment.
~Michaela Jenean


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