We tried it

Oceano Bistro


As birthdays are a huge deal for me, I pondered long and hard for the perfect place to celebrate the blessing of another year of life. I wanted an intimate setting, great location with orgasmically delicious offerings… Oceano Bistro was the stand out winner. St. Louis’ “premiere” fresh fish bistro, allows foodies the opportunity to thoroughly enjoy what our coastal counterparts partake in all the time…Superb succulent seafood! Because it was a very special occasion, my friends and I celebrated in style ordering several bottles of wine, appetizers, multiple entrees, and desserts. Fresh baked bread accompanied by roasted red pepper pesto/olive oil for dipping was served while we awaited our meal.

The meal pre-cursor coupled with the reposed quaint atmosphere of the bistro was extremely conducive to conversation, thus the wait time seemed minimal. When our meals arrived they looked like works of art, almost too pretty to eat. However, the aroma quickly put an end to the staring and was the catalyst for indulging. I must say, our meals were: eyes rolling in the back our heads, perched lips while sighing, deep breathing, & moaning type of delicious. Keep your focus, I’m still talking about food on the Oceano Menu! In the words of Lavar Burton, don’t take my word for it. Try Oceano Bistro Saint-Louis for yourself and tell me what you think.



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