Confessions of a Food Snob

Tuna… The Chicken of the Sea


For the last ten years or so, I turned my nose to chunk light tuna. I was introduced to albacore tuna as an intern and consequently denounced chunk light tuna. The way my bank account is set up… I was inclined to try alternatives to what had become a pricey lunch option. Although I could not bring myself to buy the cans of chunk light tuna that I basically grew up on, I did find a packaged chunk light tuna that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Seek and ye shall find!

Actually, I found several.   Starkist ® has a line of Tuna Creations ® made with chunk light tuna that I literally ate right out of the package. The tuna is “lightly marinated” in various spices including lemon pepper, hickory and even ranch! My favorite is the sweet and spicy. Besides being extremely convenient, (no can opener, mixing in mayonnaise or draining required), the Tuna Creations® are around 100 calories per pouch with more than 15 grams of protein, (I think I’m in love).

You like what you like.

I still like albacore chunk white tuna, and will occasionally splurge on it – of this I’m certain. For now, I’m taking time to reacquaint myself with chunk light tuna by enjoying all the Tuna Creations® I can find. #noseturneddown


What’s your foodie confession? Share it…

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~Christina Marie




2 thoughts on “Tuna… The Chicken of the Sea

  1. Michaela Jenean says:

    Love is a many splendid things. After I read this article I said, “hmmmmmmmmm”. Definitely something I need to digest. Do I really love or am I too caught up in the Valentine boogaloo?
    Elaine DeBoise


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