Got My Blendtec on Deck

Most people contact companies to complain. Think about it…how many times have you contacted a company to offer kudos for a job well done? If I were answering the question honestly, I’d admit that my own calls of praise have been limited, although I’m diligently working to increase my calls of commendation. To my surprise, the opportunity to increase my balance of positive calls came sooner than later.


A year ago, I purchased a Blendtec® – “the last blender you’ll ever own” as proclaimed by the company itself. I most certainly concurred with their tagline, as I absolutely loved my Blendtec®. The Blendtec® could do no wrong, and as a result, I found reasons to use it almost on a daily basis. Fast-forward a year later. In the middle of making an amazing drink, I noticed fluid leaking from the jar. Failed attempts to rectify the problem, led me to contact the company.


I went online and discovered that Blendtec® has a fool-proof warranty forum for faulty blenders. You tell them the problem and they contact you within in 48 hours with a solution. In 24 hours, I received an email with both good and bad news. The bad news was that my old jar was beyond repair. The good news was that they were sending me a new jar. True to my promise, I followed up and praised the company not only for my new jar, but for the stellar customer service.


Now…would I have been eager to give kudos if they hadn’t fix my problem? I’m inclined to think so… (perches lips and gives side-eye).


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