Christina Marie:24FBA406-47F1-4E09-997C-854DB8C85EF4 2

Considered an expert by experts that determine experts, Christina Marie is the expert’s expert. She earned her cooking chops at Le Culinaire de Latchkey Kids. With no boxes or mixes she creates meals from her bare hands and prefers to eat without a fork. She pursued higher education because her momma told her to and once she learned how to read she couldn’t stop. A Jack(ie) of all trades, with degrees in the King’s English, Education, and Law, Christina has earned enough letters behind her name to make alphabet soup. Climbing “the ladder” has never been her thing though.  She prefers to write thoughts at random and post pictures of her shenanigans. When she’s not writing legal decisions or volunteering to increase the literacy rate she’s devising her plan to travel the world to explore other cultures and eat the best FN food she can find😉

Michaela Jenean:MJT BIO PIC

Simple yet complex…a beautiful enigma is Michaela Jenean. Michaela is a proficient code switcher and pendulum swinger. Inasmuch, she vacillates between fine dining and boxes of shrimp fried rice, English cucumbers and hot pickles, thought provoking documentaries and ratchet TV. As a child Michaela was a devoted viewer of PBS programming, which translated into a lifelong seductive affair with learning. Degrees in: Psychology, Counseling, and Education hasn’t jaded Michaela, she’s still the coolest #happynappybrowngirl you’ll ever want to meet. Head forever in the clouds, Michaela spends her days daydreaming, being a good fur mommy to #ivydivadog, trying to figure out how to be Ina Garner, adding random facts to her mental rolodex, and working out in case she needs to strip to pay her student loans.


What truly defines Sem or shapes her character are those intangible qualities to which only those who know her intimately can attest.   But here are some interesting things about Sem:

  1. She’d prefer Chuck Taylors to heels. Hot pockets to cooking.
  2. She’s an old-soul. Thus feels like she was born at least two decades later than she was supposed to. So technically she’s in her 50’s.
  3. Sem loves the beach. Yes, she’s been to a nude one!
  4. She loves  good music by truly talented artist.
  5. Her CDs are housed on a bookshelf in alphabetical order by artist.
  6. Mopping is her least favorite household chore.
  7. She gets utterly irritated when someone refuses to accept “No” for an answer.
  8. She’ll know that the rapture is near and the end-times are upon us when either Nicki Minaj, John Legend, or Alicia Keys receives a lifetime achievement award for music. There are others who fall in this (non-talented) category, however, she just doesn’t  have time to name them all. But dare she say that this day is coming…